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Skybus launches a super cheap airline

Saturday 27/05/2017 - Source: Cambodian Times

Skybus Airlines in the United States has launched what it calls a super cheap airline.

Skybus launched its first flights this week on brand-new aircraft, with the promise of selling ten seats on every flight for $10.

Skybus flies to smaller airports on the east and west coasts with each flight emanating from Columbus, Ohio.

All reservations are made online, and there is no help from ground staff, but Sky bus is betting patrons will put up with inconvenience for the low fares.

Following the lead of European discounters, Skybus will use all available staff to get the planes off the ground.

The ticket counter will be empty 30 minutes before takeoff, as the people who issue the passes also have to help board the plane.

Skybus planes are also for rent as flying billboards.

Food and drink cannot be taken on board, as flight attendants receive commission for sales.

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