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Emirates Airline joins international balloon festival

Tuesday 15/08/2017 - Source: Easier Travel

Emirates Airline has passed through the skies alongside an enormous elephant, a huge house, a gliding shopping trolley and a piece of chocolate. No, the airline has not gone mad - it's been taking its high flying message to an international balloon festival, spread across five countries in three continents.

The huge Emirates balloon began its international journey by gracing the skies over Bristol in the UK between 9th-12th August and, as with all the festival locations across the world, members of the public were invited to come along, hop aboard and enjoy the experience of a lifetime - for free.

Passengers who wanted a ride with the Emirates balloon didn't need to worry about bringing their passport or check-in procedures. They just needed to turn up at Bristol's beautiful Ashton Court Estate and Fly Emirates with a difference. The balloon was emblazoned with the familiar red Emirates branding and the crew were wearing Emirates caps and T-shirts. All those who were lucky enough to enjoy the open skies journey were given an eye-catching Emirates cap to mark the occasion.

Boutros Boutros, Emirates' Senior Vice President, Media Relations, Sponsorships and Events said: "Emirates is always looking at new ways to expand its transcontinental profile so we are delighted to be taking part in this fantastically visual event that will create a great deal of fun and interest around the globe.

"Our business is all about travel, and bridging countries and continents - and the International Balloon Festival reflects that. We also enjoy bringing pleasure to people's lives, and seeing the Emirates Balloon in a sea of colours and shapes will no doubt bring smiles to many faces as the festival moves around the world over the months to come."

The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, which forms part of the international celebration, is a hugely popular regional event, which regularly attracts crowds of more than 500,000 over the four days. Featuring more than 100 balloons, it has grown to become Europe's largest hot air balloon festival. The young and old flock to see a sky peppered with balloons in all colours, shapes and sizes. Dubai-based Emirates was certainly taking off in some unusual company.

Where else, for example, would you see a giant piece of chocolate heading skywards? Or various airborne pets that Emirates SkyCargo would normally have safely stowed in the cargo hold of an aircraft? Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of the International Balloon Festival.

In fact, many of the balloons at the Bristol event were so large and awkwardly shaped, they appeared to defy the laws of physics by taking to the skies, and it took specialised flying skills from the pilots to keep them in the air, and land them safely.

The International Balloon Festival incorporates five other balloon festivals from the USA through to Australia - running until April 2018. In addition to the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, they include Warsteiner International, 31st August - 9th September, Warstein, Germany, Plano Balloon Festival 21st - 23rd September, Plano, Texas, USA, Albuquerque International Festival 14th -16th October, New Mexico, USA, Chateau Doex, 12th -20th January 2018, Zurich, Switzerland and finally Canberra Balloons Festival 12th -20th April 2018 in Canberra, Australia.

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