About Aviation Satellite Channel

Aviation Satellite Channel is the result of deep and comprehensive researches that were initiated in the year 2006, to survey the regional and international aviation industry's media needs; Civil, Military and Commercial.

The Channel was established in February 2007 by Ajwaa - Media Aviation & Production Company as the first satellite channel in the World. It is a new aviation industry in its formative stages, organized to take advantage of a specific large gap in the advertising market of the aviation industry, by utilizing the advanced broadcast advertisement technology.

The founders & employees of Aviation Satellite Channel are experienced Aviation & tourism industry professionals.

Our Vision:

To become and be the "Global Aviation Media Icon".

Our Mission:

To be the aviation industry' first dynamic audio-video marketplace.

To be the voice of the leading industry manufacturers, suppliers and maintenance organizations.

To set up more proactive relationship with our clients.

The Team:

Aviation Satellite Channel has a group of elite experienced and qualified personnel, with varied backgrounds and an excellent understanding of the audio-video marketing business and brands, along with aviation oriented personnel, who were carefully selected to join our team.

Our Audience:

With variety of programs, the Channel aims to grab the attention of the audience from all age groups and different interests, but mainly, our targeted audience can be categorized in the following:

Those interested in technical shows and aviation news and developments (basically our targeted advertisers and sponsors).

Those interested in travel information; destinations, schedules, routes, special offers and rates, hotels.. etc, such as frequent and infrequent travelers, honeymooners and vacationers.

Our Market:

Primary Market:

Those entities directly related to the aviation industry:



Aircraft, Engines & Components (OEMs)

Maintenance Facilities

Vendors & Suppliers

Airport Authorities & Organizations

Aviation Academies

Air Sport Clubs

Aviation Catering

Air Taxi Operators & Handlers

Tour Operators and Travel Agents

Secondary Market:

Those entities related to Tourism:

Hotel Industry


Tourism boards and Ministries of Tourism

Our Programs:

Aviation Satellite Channel, will present a wide variety of aviation related programs, documentaries, historical, technicalů.etc, and any material that would enrich the audience's knowledge in this filed. In addition, it will broadcast promotional materials for the aviation industry' entities. The programs material will be about:

Airlines & Operators

Aviation Industry (OEM's & MRO's)

Travel & Tourism

Air Shows

Aviation Documentaries & History

Aviation News



Our Transmission:

Aviation Satellite Channel, with 24/7 media and online services, will cover the Middle East and North Africa regions at this stage, and will be sufficient to provide a new wide broadcast services, using the state of the art equipment available, to ensure the highest quality transmission service. See frequencies page for detailed information on reception of Aviation Satellite Channel.

Our Objectives:

Broadcast aviation related programs, advertisements and promotional materials.

Offer the latest news, information and developments of the global aviation industry.

Provide wide, efficient, and low-cost consumer TV show service.

Our Values:

Superior advertising of low-cost broadcast advertisement.

Our team will be tuned to help you, in an informative driven and delivery courteous approach.

On time delivery for the best service, with emphasis on quality and variety as a highest priority.


Aviation Satellite Channel is the first satellite channel specialized in the aviation industry.

It is a privately owned company.

Offer high quality services with unprecedented competitive prices.

Has the potential for rapid growth on its well-established financial position and qualified team.

Future Look:

To have a global coverage for our transmission.

To broadcast our programs in more than five languages, plus sign language.

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