Aviation Satellite Channel Services

Aviation Satellite Channel offers many services for companies working in the aviation industry. These services vary according to the needs and requirements of each company. Even individuals needs are taken into consideration and can be met.

Hereunder are the services that we provide:

Deliver informative, entertaining, high-quality, and innovative content related to the aviation industry through our satellite channel and web site. This includes broadcasting aviation documentary programs, air shows, aviation series programs, travel and tourism programs, movies, kids programs, and aviation allied information.

Create, aggregate, and distribute aviation related information such as news, events and activities, guides and directories, weather forecasts, and flight information. And to make this information accessible to our audience in real-time across a variety of platforms: on-screen, online, and on-mobile.

Sell advertising and sponsorship by offering our customers targeted, low-cost, and flexible advertisement packages through our satellite channel as well as our web site.

Bridge the gap between the aviation industry and people by becoming an essential and trustful source of information connecting our audience with services and products of aviation entities and organizations around the World.

Produce and participate in the production of new programs covering the aviation industry in the Arab World in particular and in the World in general.

Provide our online visitors with aviation goodies such as newsletters, documents, images, audio and video clips through public subscription or membership.

And this is just the beginning, as we aspire to be one of the biggest service providers in the aviation industry worldwide, and to truly become:

"The Global Aviation Media Icon"

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